Scrublands – Question 2

What assumptions at the beginning of the novel did you think could not be true? Did any of the twists and turns surprise you?
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12 days ago

The shooting of specific people by the priest. I assumed they all had been involved in a crime the priest could not tolerate. Did not expect the priest to have such a background. Then the sending of funds to orphanage tipped back the scales. A complex man/priest/soldier/terrorist.

9 days ago

Not being a religious man myself, I was expecting the stereotypical abusive priest story to unfold. I was expecting the victims of the shooting to be the fathers or the witnesses to the priests atrocities. The more you got to know Byron, the less you got to know Byron. I enjoyed the twists of this character but I would have liked to know why he decided being a priest was a good idea.

Jessica Shorrock
Jessica Shorrock
5 days ago

I was so glad when the obvious stereotypical events did not unfold, even though they were mentioned, I thought this made it an even more interesting read.

4 days ago

The priest killing five people and being such a great marksman did contradict the profession of a holy man. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this book, they kept the book alive and it was a great relief to discover that the priest was an imposter. The book with all the different threads to the characters ensured it was a page turner and very enjoyable.