The turning points that slip Sylvie from one life to the next are sometimes accidents of timing and circumstance, sometimes intentional, and sometimes a blend of both. A sneeze, a pinch on the but, a chance cup of coffee with a friend that sets her thinking. How much do you think life turns on accident and how much on conscious decisions?
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12 days ago

I’ve only recently graduated Uni and heard many stories of people planning to be on one track for a career, and suddenly ending up in a totally different and unexpected field that they love because they changed one choice, or took one opportunity that led to an entirely different place in life. I believe conscious choice plays a role in how life turns out, but coincidence or random chance also have a huge effect, often more than we anticipate. I also thought it was very interesting that the book presents these versions as alternate possibilities. I expected it to be… Read more »

10 days ago

I think that the pandemic, for example, caused many folks to make changes they would not have, perhaps most notably in the field of work. Accepting a job in a much different country involves the need to adapt in some ways to a new culture, creates new relationships, and distances or changes old relationships. As we age, we tend to become involved in different activities, the result of both chance and conscious decision (ie, retirement leads many to volunteer, exercise classes, family) which can result in both rewarding new outlooks on life or the realization that something we always thought… Read more »